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Empower Your Finances, Embrace the Freedom

Invest with KKS Capitals to experience the joy of spending after yielding huge ROIs on your Investments with a mitigated economic risks. We enable you to achieve your goals sooner and savor the satisfaction of financial well-being.

Diversify your Portfolio

Investing in US stocks allows you to diversify & broaden your investment exposure to the US economy to mitigate economic risks.


Gain from Dollar's Appreciation

Explore the magic of our All-in-One Finance Management Platform to secure your shortterm goals while growing your long-term investments using our platform. KKS Capitals aims to simplify your financial management journey with a single login and hassle free experience.


Opportunities to Invest in High Potential Companies

Indian investors benefit from investing in US stocks due to the forefront of innovation in technology, pharma, and industrial companies. In case of INDmoney and Vested Finance going out of business, their US brokers, DriveWealth and Alpaca, ensure continued access to portfolios. Both brokers are members of FINRA and SIPC, providing financial protection for customers in case of broker-dealer failure. SIPC offers insurance up to $500,000, including $250,000 in cash, for each brokerage account opened through Vested Finance and INDmoney.

Overseas Investments

Overseas Investments

Indian investors have been showing a growing interest in the US stock markets. If you want to invest directly in the US markets, you can invest either in stocks or ETFs available on the US exchanges. In the case of stocks, fractional investment is allowed in the US. So, for highly priced stocks, you can invest in a fraction of the stock for as little as $1.

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  • How do I need to plan with KKS Capitals?

    The process is really hassle free. Once you take the subscription from KKS Capitals, the Investment Executives will keep on updating the suitable stocks to invest in along with the amount you need to invest to help you yield the highest ROI over your investment.

  • Are my funds safe with KKS Capitals?

    Over the Years KKS Capitals have led all their clients earn huge profits on their Investments. With this experience we proudly guarantee that your money will stay safe until you are investing with the advisory of KKS Capitals.

  • Are there any fees for KKS Capitals ?

    No, this service doesn't require any transactional or account fees. You just require to be a verified and registered user with KKS Capitals. KKS Capitals have an Early Registration Charges


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