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Dreams Come True When You Plan

No matter what dream you have in your life, Planning helps you attain financial freedom through investments. The Experts from KKS Capitals leave no stone unturned in providing you with the purposeful Planning Solutions and apt knowledge for you to become the ROI Magnet.

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Your money growing

*This Representation is based on the varied investment amount in the suggested US Stocks by KKS Capitals. KKS Capital's highly Qualified Team suggests the best-suited stocks for your Portfolio

Plan for Your Child's Education

Education is a basic human right, no one can snatch it away. Every Parent dreams of their Kids attending the best of the schools and the Universities. Let KKS Capitals add more to your child’s Future. Plan your Child's Education today with KKS Capitals to make his future simpler


Plan for Your Luxurious Wedding

Before looking for a wedding planner, plan your wedding investment. Take expert guidance on when and how to start saving for a luxurious touch to the big day.


Plan for Your Dream Home

A house is an necessity but a home with all the modern features and esthetics is still a dream of many. Why not invest for on of your biggest dreams and plan the house of your dreams while investing in the US Stocks with KKS Capitals.


Plan for Your World Tour

If travelling worldwide is what you would love to do after a certain time, why not plan the World Tour now by planning your investment to fulfill your bucket list. Tell us about your dream vacation and get the direction of where, when, and how to invest.


Plan for Your Retirement

Stop asking your older self to fund your younger self. Plan and invest your capital to support your younger self in your retirement life. Get your personalized planning guide not to invest more rather invest skillfully and adequately for higher ROI.


What makes KKS Captials unique?

The KKS Capital's difference

KKS Capitals is the first ever advisory firm launched in India enabling Indians to gain huge ROIs from the Dollar's Appreciation. Our Index Researchers thrive to bring the innovative, tax-efficient and high return yielding financial products. Tech & data driven investment approach has made investing easy.

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Diversify your Portfolio as you like it with KKS Capitals

Your personal Financial Goals needs a personal advisor too. Invest with a personalized advisory for US Stocks with KKS Capitals. Best Suited for the advanced Investors who needs to shape the plan in favor of specific asset types, themes, or sectors.


Personalize your Portfolio with KKS the way you plan your Future

Tailor your highly fruitful and personalized Portfolio with diversified assets enabling you to reflect your Economic Goals. Whether you want to invest in the Sustainable Assets or the Innovative Assets enabling the future you visualize.

Sustainable Investments

Choose Sustainability and your Financial Freedom with KKS Capitals

Learn about Sustainable Investments

Innovative Investments

Choose Technology, Innovation and your Financial Future Goals with KKS Capitals

Learn about Innovative Investments

Support Driven by Humans

Still confused about how to use KKS Capitals to gain the Financial Freedom? Indulge with fruitful discussion with our highly responsive and friendly Investment Executives to gain the knowledge about the process and the results. Shoot your doubts and our amiable Indian support team has got you covered.

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Investing with KKS Capitals is Effortless Happy Investing

Investing with KKS Capitals doesn't take a lifetime. It's just a three-step process. Begin, Set and Go!

Paperless Investing

  1. Sign Up & Subscribe to KKS Capitals

    Sign Up on KKS Capital's Website with basic details and Subscribe to any of the plans you want to proceed with. We currently have quarterly, annual and personalized plans.

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  2. View the Stocks to Buy & Buy the Stocks

    Once you subscribe you can now access the stocks you can buy according to your current portfolio. Buy the Stocks according to the suggestions to gain huge ROI over a particular tenure.

    View Stocks to buy

  3. Confirm and Maintain

    After Buying the stocks, you need to confirm your purchase and maintain your investments diligently during a tenure and you are all set.


Struggling with doubts?
We are here to help

  • How do I need to plan with KKS Capitals?

    The process is really hassle free. Once you take the subscription from KKS Capitals, the Investment Executives will keep on updating the suitable stocks to invest in along with the amount you need to invest to help you yield the highest ROI over your investment.

  • Are my funds safe with KKS Capitals?

    Over the Years KKS Capitals have led all their clients earn huge profits on their Investments. With this experience we proudly guarantee that your money will stay safe until you are investing with the advisory of KKS Capitals.

  • Are there any fees for KKS Capitals ?

    No, this service doesn't require any transactional or account fees. You just require to be a verified and registered user with KKS Capitals. KKS Capitals have an Early Registration Charges


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