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Our Expert Team of Investment Portfolio Managers will guide your way through your entire Investment Journey. Invest in the US Stocks to earn huge ROIs on your chosen fund and tenure.

Personalised Portfolios

A Portfolio Addressing Your Financial Goals

We understand your investment goals, values and strategies are different from others. Why not design a portfolio that’s unique to yours? Experience the Magic of AI with our range of low-cost, diversified index funds.

Financial Goals

Self-directed Strategies

Investments Diversified

What would you prefer? Building diversified, long term wealth? Or would you rather bet big on future technology, innovations like AI? KKS Capitals has guidance for your every Investment Decision.

Self-directed Strategies

Auto-Invest, it’s auto-magic

Stress Free Investing

At KKS Capitals we understand that investment isn't the only thing on your bucket list that's why our expert team analyzes and manages your entire Portfolio to achieve more goals in your life

stress free investing

Invest in the Global Economy with KKS Capitals

Own your shares of the biggest names you hear everyday like Amazon, Google. Invest across the major equity markets in order to diversify your portfolio globally and gain long-term growth.



Invest in Your Future Financial Goals

You can change the inputs below according to your future financial goals and check the returns over your desired tenure by investing the amount you wish to invest.

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  • Why should I Invest?

    Investment is not just about putting money in some stocks. Investment is more about planning a certain dream and not asking your older self to fund your younger self, rather it's more about telling your younger self to ease your future life. KKS Capitals will help you in your investment journey.

  • My friend invested in the stock market, but he lost all his money. What If I too lose all the Money?

    "Investments are subject to Market Risks". Yes, we understand this is a very vague and scary line. That is why KKS Capitals will be noting all your dreams and goals to advise you the best funds to invest into. KKS Capitals being India's first Investment and Portfolio Management Service Provider in the US Capital Market brings the best for you on the table.

  • I don't have any Demat Account. Can I still Invest?

    A Demat Account is absolute for investing in both Indian Market and US Market Read Here.

  • Where shall I open a Demat Account?

    You may open the Demat Account with any Banks, Stock brokers, Discount Brokers, or Full Service Brokers. While choosing a provider you must consider comparing multiple factors which align with your financial goals.Read Here

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